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Exactly just exactly What baseball player reported to own had sex with 20,000 women?

Exactly just exactly What baseball player reported to own had sex with 20,000 women?

Numbers Game. Wilt the Stilt showing from the he scored 100 night. But, 100 exactly what?

PHILADELPHIA (Sportsman’s frequent Wire Service) — Next week probably the most principal player of their or arguably any period in expert baseball will get a posthumous honor for their exploits from the court. Wilt Chamberlain, whom passed on in 1999, won NBA games in Philadelphia and l . a . but still holds a few NBA documents for this but perhaps no record is more astonishing than the amount of women the Hall of Famer professed he slept with day.

Chamberlain boldly claimed inside the autobiography that is second View from Above” which he had sex with 20,000 various females.

Although the baseball great’s staggering claim has been refuted by many people, the NBA nevertheless seems provided Chamberlain’s status, it really is suitable the accomplishment be officially recognized. “At first we wished to get one big picture of all of the the women he screwed and raise it to your rafters of each arena when you look at the league,” stated NBA spokesman Larry Chismar. “But no body may find a lens which could photograph 20,000 ladies. Therefore we’re simply hoping to locate a picture that is nice of smiling Wilt along with his cock in the hand. We genuinely believe that’s much more appropriate.”

“It’s about fuckin’ time, — that has been really the working title of Wilt’s unpublished autobiography that is third “It’s About Fucking Time,” said previous teammate and other Hall of Famer Hal Greer. “I’d note that dude plow 3 or 4 women an easy night. From the the he scored 100 points night. He actually scored 125, if you catch my drift.”

Another teammate that is former Cunningham agrees. “Wilt had them arranged around the block. Continue reading