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Guardian Newspaper Criticizes Responsible Gambling Trust ‘Conflict of Interest’

Guardian Newspaper Criticizes Responsible Gambling Trust ‘Conflict of Interest’

Neil Goulden says that industry involvement in scientific studies are fundamental to the understanding of problem gambling and to the ongoing work of the RGT.

Neil Goulden, head of the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT) into the UK, has been called down by Britain’s Guardian newsprint for an obvious conflict of interests.

As chair associated with the RGT, Goulden presides over the country’s leading charity dedicated to minimizing issue gambling, and yet he’s also a previous seat associated with Association of British Bookmakers ABB), an industry lobby group.

The positions were held concurrently between 2012 and mid-2014.

Goulden’s affiliations to both groups are no secret, of course; being a previous board member of Ladbrokes and previous president of the Gala Coral Group, he is very much indeed a public face of the gambling industry.

But, because the Guardian opined this week, the fact that RGT is chaired by a doyen of the industry and funded by donations from gambling businesses raises questions about its integrity while the nature that is balanced of research.

As well as capital education, prevention, and treatment services for problem gamblers, RGT commissions research devoted to broadening the understanding of problem gambling issues.

But because of its affiliations, does it avoid asking the actually tough concerns to the industry, and is its research system completely independent of industr Continue reading